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Ornament Thursday... ACADEMIA

August's Ornament Thursday - Academia!

This month's feature brought to you by...

Lynn Kvigne, Editor, Beading Help Web

Did you guess the teaser?
This month's Ornament Thursday theme celebrates the kick off of Back To School - Academia! I love to read, and fortunately my children have discovered this love as well. While I can just as easily use a scrap of paper or an old magazine subscription card for a bookmark, I prefer to do something a little more stylish! This month's OT project is one that I've done over and over with great results - it's quick, easy, and you can use up orphan beads for a design that reflects your personality!

This is also a great kid's project, and they can use the bookmark that they make all year long!

Easy Wire Bookmark

Level: Easy/Beginner

Materials12-16g wire (sterling, copper or craft wire)
Head pins
Beads, crystals, small bells, charms
Jump rings

Just a note - sterling silver wire makes a sturdier bookmark, but because it will be continually exposed to air, it will tarnish. Copper wire can be hammered to strengthen, and oxidization will eventually color the wire to a warm brown. Craft wire tends to flop a bit, even after hammering. You can experiment with wire and find the type that you like to use best.

Cut a piece of wire 9" long using a flush side cutter. File the ends smooth. Create a small closed loop at the end of the wire. Using a round object that's about 1" diameter, create a shepherd's hook at one end of the wire. Slightly curve the loop outward.
Create a tight spiral at the opposite end of the wire: Make a tiny loop using a round nosed pliers and close the loop using a chain nose pliers. Create the spiral by holding the loop in the jaws of any pliers with flat inside surfaces - I recommend 2-3 revolutions around the original loop.

Hammer wire to strengthen.

To decorate your bookmark: Make wrapped loop dangles using head pins and beads, bells, or crystals. Attach dangles to the closed loop at the end of your hook using jump rings. Another option is to hang charms in a theme (gardening, wine-related, Red Hat) on the closed loop using jump rings.

That's it from Beading Help Web this month!
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