Thursday, February 26, 2009

Linda Augsburg's gone heliotrope!

By Linda Augsburg

Happy Ornament Thursday! This month's theme is heliotrope which wikipedia describes as a pinkish purple. I forgot the pink part when I designed this piece, so forgive me on that. But I bet some of my Ornament Thursday friends got the color right! Let's see.

Farm Girl Roots, City Girl Style
Check out Linda's necklace and don't miss the giveaway!

Heliotrope-Ornament Thursday
Did someone say violet?

Heliotrope: Purple by any other name…
Lisa waffles on what shade of purple is really "Heliotrope"

Ornament Thursday is here!
Michelle Zimmerman gets funky with these home made mica shift bead earrings and Helen Bradley secretly raids someone else's bead box for a fun silver bracelet.

Michelle shares a heliotrope layout of her her and her fish!

As for my creation, I made it to go with a black and heliotrope dress that I bought a while back. I bought the beads a while ago as well, and finally got them turned into this necklace. So now I only have 4 months to wait until I can wear my halter dress with this four-strand piece. The inner strand is all fire-polished glass, and the other three strands have mini freshwater pearls mixed peppered in here and there. And the great clasp is from Star's Clasps.

As for my giveaway, everyone who comments on this post on my blog or on this month's Ornament Thursday post will be entered to win some of the very same beads I used in this piece. I seriously overbought for this necklace, so I have almost five strands of the glass and more than 30 of the pearls remaining. The deadline for posting is March 11 at noon Central Standard Time. I'll announce the winner on here on my blog and on the Ornament Thursday blog March 13. Please be sure to provide some way for us to contact you.

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